Protection of business reputation

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Every person possesses such qualities as a sense of honor, dignity and business reputation. Therefore, if someone wants to discredit a man, spreading false information about his identity and actions, the aggrieved person has full authority to defend their rights in court.

If the honor is a public assessment of the individual, which is determined by the spiritual and social qualities of man, the dignity is the quality of self-evaluation, which is recognized by the state on a par with the rest of society. But there is an exception and the state can recognize the advantages of one over the other.

In turn, the business reputation is an assessment of the professional qualification of person. As for the legal entity, its business reputation is estimated by level of its production or other activities in terms of market and business relations

Every person or company has the right to protect their own honor, dignity and business reputation in court. Lawyers of law firm «Suprema Lex» will help you with this. Our experts will gather all necessary information in order to refute the information that smeared your good name, humiliated honor, dignity or ruined business reputation. If you do not apply to the competent authorities and do not restore justice of your interests, thus you can get an irreparable damage of your interest and individuality.

Our lawyers will prove that the information spread about your reputation was false, will provide all the necessary evidence, all our actions are according law. Moreover, we will ensure that person who spread false information will recoup non-pecuniary damage, if necessary.

Our lawyers will defense your business reputation, honor and dignity. Our services are as follows:

  • consultation of professional lawyers from «Suprema Lex»
  • analysis of the current situation;
  • gathering the necessary evidentiary base to provide in court;
  • building tactics and strategy;
  • preparation of complain for disseminator of false information or to media editor;
  • litigation support;
  • control over the execution of the judicial decision, including the publication of a refutation in the media or in the Internet;
  • the requirement of compensation for moral harm sustained by the applicant;
  • preparation and submission of a claim in court and litigation support 
  • Implementation of the appeal in the case of unjustified decision.

Lawyers of «Suprema Lex» will correctly build a strategy for restoration of violated rights of the case, requiring the protection of business reputation; will analyze all the data and information discrediting the client. This will help to build a line of defense of the plaintiff in the court and to achieve a successful outcome.

By the managing partner of «Suprema Lex» Victor Moroz were successfully represented the interests of entrepreneur from Kharkov in a dispute with Internet publications distributed false information about the activities of an entrepreneur, under court decision online edition refuted information about the non-compliance of the activities of the entrepreneur with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine.

By the senior partner of law firm «Suprema Lex» Valery Prisyajny successfully defended the interests of the former Deputy Minister of Interior of Ukraine, Sergei Ivanovich Chebotar, details of which spread by certain media were found incompetent by law and defaming his honor, dignity and business reputation.

Managing partner of law firm «Suprema Lex» Victor Moroz won a court suit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, of a large investor, who was accused by media in financing terrorism.


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