Banking and financial law

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Banking - the basis of the economy of each state. From the stability and reliability of the banking system depends the investment climate of the country. Professional lawyers in law firm «Suprema Lex» provide legal services and advice to clients who are in need in the selection of banking products, to be able to engage in financial and investment operations.

The specialists of our law firm provide legal support in the field of banking and finance law to businesses and private clients. We have experience with banking institutions, credit and financial organizations, foundations. Our experts will defend the rights of our customers until the end, stand on the protection of their interests, and minimize the risks and concerns related to the violation of the law.

Lawyers in law firm «Suprema Lex» in addition to basic services related to banking and finance law will defend and represent the interests of clients in transactions with financing and the purchase and sale of financial and investment instruments. We will carry out maintenance of the important negotiations, will award and prepare contracts of indemnity, leasing, loan, etc.

Our experts provide the following services:

  • financial consulting;
  • legal support in the field of financial and banking services;
  • support in the creation, reorganization, acquisition, liquidation of the financial institutions and banking institutions;
  • consultations on matters relating to licensing, preparation of contracts, financial services;
  • transaction support related to lending, financing and restructuring of debts and credits;
  • preparation of the necessary documentation, which relates to the activities of banks and financial institutions;
  • represent the interests of banks and financial institutions with respect to relations with other authorities;
  • consultations and legal support on matters related to monetary, banking and tax law;
  • support in the return of deposits for depositors of banks, with protecting the interests of creditors and borrowers of banks.

Our lawyers are leading experts in settlement and resolving banking and financial matters. Contacting our law firm, you will get not only professional advice, but also highly skilled defense from experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at law knowing their work.

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