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In the field of law, there are matters which can be solved only with understanding the field of customs law. Specialists from law firm «Suprema Lex» will help to understand the rules of customs law.

Customs law is closely intertwined with the correct cargo execution, with payment of customs payments, collecting the necessary documentation. Remember that detection of cargo at customs and stay for a while at the border, delayed receipt of cargo, often leads to daily accrual of payments for overdue. The situation is not pleasant; it can not only spoil the mood, but also make a wallet empty. That is why in order to avoid this, it is necessary beforehand preparing to receive the cargo. At the same time, for this process documents should be prepared by the recipient and sender.

Lawyers in law firm «Suprema Lex» are experts in the field of customs law. We provide services for businesses and private clients, working with companies, consult on the transfer of cargo through the customs territory, the accrual of penalties.

Contacting our law firm, you get highly qualified assistance of our experts, who will help not only with advice and guidance, but also ready to provide a number of services:

  • represent and defend your interests in court with customs in the case of customs disputes;
  • help to create and file a complaint, regarding the unlawful acts of customs services;
  • provide support for customs disputes on matters relating to the return of duties and customs payments;
  • carry out legal examination of all documentation, including contracts, commercial and other documents;
  • develop and draft contracts, international contracts;
  • execute an estimation of lawful actions and acts of customs officials and persons who hold key positions;
  • will consult on matters relating to currency regulation;
  • collect the necessary evidence, information proving the illegal actions of the customs authorities in benefit of the client;
  • legally force the customs authorities to return the overpaid payments;
  • help to detect customs risks related to export or import of goods;
  • help in the preparation and execution of documents for cargo shipment in customs authorities.

Lawyers from «Suprema Lex» will also help to translate documents in language service agencies. Our attorneys at law provide defense in criminal cases involving violation of customs regulations, according to the legislation. In addition, we can recommend a qualified customs brokers.

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