Transport and Logistics

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Attorneys at law in law firm «Suprema Lex» have many years of experience in legal support of transport and logistics services. The main focus of our work is legal support for air transportation.

Air carriage in our time simply irreplaceable because it allows to carry out the transportation of cargo in the shortest possible time. Thus, it is possible to transport in-gauge load and perishable goods to different parts of our country. Our law firm - the best from a variety of organizations, which provide their services on legal support of transportation standard, valuable, outsized and dangerous goods.

Quite a long time, our specialists collaborate with famous transport, freight forwarding and logistics companies, operators of customs terminals and their clients. Why our law firm? The fact is, that the transport legislation is necessary not only to know, but also to understand. Specialists of «Suprema Lex» are professionals, who can help with documentation, explain in detail all the nuances and advise our clients. We are a team of like-minded people working in the field of transport law; provide services that will ensure a successful economic activity and stability of our clients.


Our experts provide the following services:

  • counsulting clients on matters relating to transport, its taxation, customs clearance;
  • analysis, design, and preparation of transport contracts;
  • representation of clients in courts, international courts of arbitration;
  • preparation and filing complaints about acts or omissions, decisions of state bodies that are related with the transport law;
  • settlement of matters on compensation for harm, control of payouts and insurance claims;
  • carrying out legal advice regarding the establishment and operation of companies that provide transport and forwarding services;
  • provision of legal support in obtaining the necessary permits, tenders, licenses;
  • consultations on the issues of insurance.

Our law firm provides legal services in the field of international and Ukrainian transport law, including the resolution cargo security issues, compensation in case of damage during transportation. We also help in handling issues related to the taxation of transport and logistics operations.

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