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«Suprema Lex» - law firm providing legal services to private clients and businesses. Our team consists of qualified attorneys at law who thoroughly know the laws and human rights.
Due to years of experience, success of our team, we within the legislation, will provide you defense in court, will help to solve complex disputed issues. In our practice, we provide clientdefense in the following areas:

Our experts have practice in the solution of disputes, and legal proceedings. Thanks to our specialists, you can be sure of success, because only correctly constructed strategy will help to win a suit. We will provide legal support of your company; will help with registration of contracts, permission documentation and employment agreements.

Our specialists handle cases in the Supreme Courts. Among our clients both the large companies and factories, and private clients. We offer not just legal services, but mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation; we are ready to defend your interests in any situation. Our professionals will help to make right decision.
Having chosen law firm "Suprema Lex", you receive complex legal servicing.

Our experts guarantee:

  • timely information processing and documents;
  • transparency of the provided services;
  • high quality of legal services,
  • positive result;
  • confidentiality of information.

Generally, our activities are aimed on defense of interests of the client therefore we keep their confidentiality. Working documentation will not go beyond our office, if the information is in electronic form, then all it is encrypted; only the specialist who works with client can get the access to the data. Due to such attentiveness, we have deserved respect of our clients who trust us and sign long-term contracts on the legal support of their activities.

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