Energy production and natural resources

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Law firm «Suprema Lex» - a team of professional attorneys at law, who are ready to offer wide range of services. We provide services on taxation, customs law, finance and audit, and many other legal aspects. Our team consists of professionals specializing in the energy industry and natural resources. So, if you have any questions or disputes related to this area of services, we are always ready to help!

We provide defense of interests and legal assistance in gas producing, oil, electric power industry in Ukraine. Our attorneys at law are specialists in the field of environmental law, who will advise you on matters relating to environmental protection legally.

Our team consists of professionals, who understand the field of natural resources, help to solve issues related to the subsoil use sector. Our attorneys at law will help to get the license and the necessary permits for the extraction of minerals, provide you with legal support for the participation in auctions. We will assist in the conclusion of contracts for the implementation of works related to subsoil exploration and agreement with the owners of land for obtaining the site to usage by the client for subsoil use.


Our experts provide the following services:

  • consultations on issues related to the energy industry and the extraction of natural resources, regulation of subsoil use;
  • support of the conclusion of transactions and agreements in the field of energy;
  • assistance in obtaining permits and licenses for the implementation of land use of mineral resources;
  • support and participation in negotiations on the conclusion of agreements concerning the buying and selling of land;
  • providing legal support in case of need to change the purpose of land;
  • other legal services.

Contacting our law firm «Suprema Lex», you will receive professional assistance of experienced professionals, understanding, support and defense of your rights.

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