Mining industry

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Our law firm «Suprema Lex» offers a wide range of services related to various branches of industry. Particular emphasis our experts are doing on issues related to the mining industry. We have extensive experience in this area, we can be proud of the clients who trust us and ask for a solution of complex problems.

People contact us for legal advice, settlement of disputes by peaceful means, or in the course of the trial. If you encounter a problem, you want to increase the capacity of production or to conclude a lucrative contract, to obtain permission for mineral extraction, but do not know how to do it, we offer the services of our experts.

Experience and practice of our attorneys at law, enclosed successful deals speak for themselves. Our clients were convinced in the professionalism of our attorneys at law and are not looking for other law firms, by enclosing with us long-term contracts to support the production and protection of own interests.

Attorneys at law of «Suprema Lex» provide the following services:

  • preparation of financial statements;
  • assist in the preparation and conclusion of contracts;
  • assist with the analysis of the legal viability of a potential partner;
  • if necessary, conduct an investigation on the legal basis;
  • representing the client in the process of partner negotiations;
  • guarantee reliable protection at all stages of the proceedings and in court;
  • help to resolve all issues related to corporate law;
  • advise the client on the resources industry.

We examine in detail the existing problem, analyze, build a strategy and a plan to its effective solution with minimal losses to the client. Attorneys at law of «Suprema Lex» consult on any matter relating to the legal aspects that arise in the mining sector. Thus, you will get useful recommendations of experts who have rich experience in judicial practice and solving complicated problems.

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