Real estate and building construction

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In law firm «Suprema Lex» works the best attorneys at law, who have repeatedly proved their superiority and knowledge of the laws. Thanks to them, our law firm now has an extensive client base, popularity and authority. Services of attorneys at law are always in demand. Our customers know that, by contacting the law firm «Suprema Lex», they always get professional legal assistance, so they do not look for other firms but straight turn to us.

Our advocacy covers quite a wide range of services. You can apply for labor and employment issues, intellectual property, finance, securities, and tax law. We provide services related to real estate and building construction sector.

Attorneys at law of our company will help to solve legal matters related to the acquisition of real estate or the organization of the construction process. Enforcement - an area that is not tolerated to mistakes here should be all clear and precise. Therefore, the solution of complex legal problems should be done by professionals, thoroughly knowledgeable in all the legal subtleties and nuances.


Our experts provide the following services:

  • legal assistance at registration of land lot rights;
  • assistance in obtaining licenses and certificates to construction companies;
  • preparation of documents for transactions with land lots for construction and landscape change;
  • representation of clients in land disputes, the restoration of their rights;
  • representation of interests of the client in the case of checks of supervising bodies, in particular, agricultural state inspection, the tax authorities, etc;
  • legal advice on matters related to the buying and selling of property, checking seller's rights;
  • gathering the necessary technical documentation for obtaining a construction permit;
  • legal support of the need to prepare the documentation for project of construction;
  • defense of interests of the client at the conclusion of contracts, deals with construction companies;
  • support in the processes related to the transfer of land, preparation and collection of the necessary documents;
  • search for the best solutions on matters relating to corporate law of the developer.

Turning to our law firm you will get professional help of experienced professionals, who in necessity will defend your rights in the course of the trial.

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