Entertainment and hotel business

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A team of professional attorneys at law in «Suprema Lex» provides legal services in different manufacturing sectors and industry. Among our experts, work attorneys at law specializing in legal support of the industry of entertainment and hotel business.

Among the clients of our firm there are large, well-known hotel operators, Ukrainian and international investors, developers, individuals and companies involved in the hotel business. We provide services to owners of hotels, resorts, amusement parks, cinemas, casinos, golf clubs. Our experts advise clients on the hospitality industry and entertainment industry in all segments.

We will provide you with legal assistance, will provide support and legal protection in matters related to the following services:

  • construction and management of real estate;
  • funding;
  • settlement of labor, tax and other disputes;
  • settlement of disputes with individuals, and public authorities;
  • assistance in solving issues related to intellectual property.


Clients of law firm «Suprema Lex» can expect:

  • provision of services related to the legal expertise of transactions aimed at the purchase of immovable property and the financing of such transactions;
  • to evaluate risks related with the conclusion of agreements on the management of the hotel business;
  • to analyze the collected information, which relates to a potential hotel operator;
  • preparation of agreements and contracts, management and maintenance of the hotel business, negotiating on behalf of the client;
  • ensure comprehensive client support activities;
  • defense of the client's interests in the hotel business, in the process of trial and pre-trial proceedings;
  • provision of legal assistance in registration of licenses and other necessary permits.

Our experts will advise on the entertainment industry and the hotel business, will help with
obtaining required permissions, solve disputes through peaceful means, and, if necessary, provide reliable defense of client's interests in court.

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