Criminal law protection

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The situation related to the criminal law is always unpleasant; so it is not surprising when the person is lost and frustrated because of it. The cause of such cases, as a rule, is the lack of knowledge human rights and incorrect assessment of the situation. As a result, many errors are becoming fatal.

The professional team of attorneys at law in law firm «Suprema Lex» will help to solve all the problems related to the criminal proceedings and judicial settlements. Our experts will support and help in this situation, will defend during pre-trial investigation and the trial.

After all, the result of criminal proceedings is the moment, which plays an important role noыt only for the accused but also the victim. Our criminal law attorneys will support you at any stage of the proceedings, prepare you for the judicial process, will ensure defense in court, if necessary will appeal and make cassation petition, an amnesty petition.

Whatever the situation occurs, our attorneys at law are ready to help you. We have extensive experience in the field of criminal law. Our duty is to simplify the trial procedure and to minimize any losses. It is very important for us that the trial ended for the benefit of our clients, our reputation depends on it.

We understand that there are no same criminal proceedings. There will always be some nuances, new evidence making proceedings individually. But our attorneys at law do not afraid of it, because they know, in order to defend clients’ rightness needs to know the law, precisely examine all the materials, build the right tactics and strategy, and then to become a fully armed to protect the client.


Our experts provide the following services:

  • provide consultations;
  • examine, constitute, and will submit the procedural documents, including complaints, petitions;
  • if necessary, will require that public authorities provided all the necessary references and other documents passing on criminal proceedings;
  • develop a successful defense strategy, starting with the pre-trial investigation;
  • develop a defense strategy if the case goes to trial;
  • fully acquainted with the materials of the criminal proceedings, to be able to make a correct picture;
  • represent the interests of  clients during the trial;
  • ensure defense during pre-trial investigation;
  • accompany the client on presentation of apprehension, searches, interrogation, bail hearing;
  • make appeals and cassation petition;
  • represent the interests of our clients in appeal and cassation instance, Supreme Court;
  • make the necessary procedural documents at a time when the client is serving a sentence;
  • make an application for amnesty, petition for pardon or parole.
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