Dispute resolution practice (judicial practice, arbitrage procedure and alternative dispute resolution)

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Everyone, regardless of whether he deals business activities, or simply working for someone else, has the right to protect their interests. Many people tend to believe that they can solve such issues on their own. But why waste your strength and nerves with an unpredictable outcome, if it is possible to do a completely different way? Attorneys at law from law firm «Suprema Lex» offer legal settlement of disputes.

Thus, you will be able to solve even the most complex and intricate matters, to punish the offender and protect own interests, to restore your good reputation. Lawyers of our law firm will help you to do it legally. Due to years of practice, experience, they are able to solve any problem, find a way out from the tangled maze. We guarantee legal protection and support at any stage in your current situation.

If a peaceful solution to the dispute does not help, we will turn for help to the representatives of the judicial system. First of all, our lawyers will do their best to settle the dispute peacefully, but if you are not satisfied with the conditions of adversary, or it does not agree to work with your rules, we will send the case to court.

Our experts provide the following services:

  • make a statement of claim;
  • represent and protect your interests in court.
  • carry out support in the High Specialized Court of Ukraine, Supreme Economic Court, Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Court, as well as the ICAC at the UCCI;
  • execute due diligence of documents provided by the client and collection of new evidences
  • prepare documentation for submission to the court, including the complaints, points of claim, and statements of case.

In the practice of our lawyers there are a lot of trials with positive results. We support the following matters in court:

  • administrative disputes at local, appellate and administrative courts;
  • civil disputes in the district and appellate courts;
  • handling disputes and protect the client in the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the High Administrative Court of Ukraine, Supreme Court of Ukraine;
  • criminal procedures;
  • help to solve disputes with the tax authorities.

Our lawyers leather away at the job, so we guarantee full legal protection and successful completion of the trial in your benefit!

In addition, our experts provide services for alternative dispute resolution by arbitration and mediation.

Arbitral procedure - a way of resolving disputes out of court (characterized by the absence of corruption, and speed of proceeding of case and relative fairness deal with a dispute), but very similar to a trial. Attorneys at law of our law firm will prepare the necessary documentation and will present your interests in arbitral procedure.

To date, legal services in arbitration are the most popular, especially in cases where there is a need to return the debt, collect compensation of damage, render the transaction ineffective, to protect yourself from the claims of covenanters.

Protection of the rights and legal interests in the arbitration when considering litigation requires knowledge and experience in this field. Our lawyers will do everything possible to win your matter.

There is another way to solve the dispute - mediation. Mediation - one of the techniques of alternative dispute resolution with the assistance of a third neutral, impartial, not involved in the conflict party - mediator who helps parties of conflict to develop a specific agreement on the dispute, the parties completely control the decision making process on the settlement of the dispute and the conditions of its authorization. With the help of mediation, our specialists will reach the settlement of conflicts peacefully. They do not impose their decision, but take care that the parties of the conflict independently came to a compromise.

Managing partner of law firm «Suprema Lex» Victor Moroz is a certified mediator and has won a lot of dispute in different jurisdictions and on different matters.

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