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Lawyers in law firm «Suprema Lex» are a team of highly skilled professionals, for whom the interests of clients are above their own. Our main goal is - the construction and development of the legal service business, the defense of our clients in accordance with the law and international standards.

Due to mutual understanding, support and help for each other, we were able to achieve great results in dealing with legal points. In our office there is always rosy atmosphere, the staff greet clients with a smile and understanding. We approach the solution of tasks responsibly and honesty, as a result, our clients trust us and warmly respond.

In our team are not only people who stand on protecting the interests of its clients for many years, but also thoroughly know the work of a lawyer. In our ranks there are number of young professionals who are distinguished by professionalism, pungency of wit and modern outlook on the situation. We value these people and invite all who wish to show their talent, and are ready to stand on protecting the interests of its clients to the last. Our team is always happy to specialists of the old school, who are not necessary to coach the legal proceedings, who can find a solution to any case.

Our law firm can make a competition with more famous players of legal market. Due to our efforts, knowledge of the law, and skill to solve problems quickly, find solutions in difficult situations, to negotiate, build winning strategy, we are moving forward with sure steps.

People who decide to join the ranks of our team, we can offer:

  • paid holiday;
  • competitive salary;
  • bonuses in cash equivalent, surcharges to the salary in case of positive, successful results in legal activities.

If you consider yourself a professional, have the communication skills and a flexible mind, you are interested in our offer, please contact us for more information about vacancies and to offer your candidacy by phone: (044) 384-05-57 or write to us by email:

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